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Columbus Coffee

Columbus Coffee

Columbus, the leading coffee roaster, packaging and grinding company, was established in Italy / Milan in 1990 and moved to Romania / Bucharest in 1992 with the following brands:

King - San Cristobal - Kenana - Columbus, which began as a single company in the field of both commercial and industrial business, and the company was distinguished greatly and effectively in the field of trading and manufacturing coffee, coffee and foodstuffs, where the company dominated the Romanian market clearly, and within a few years the company began to supply these goods to Eastern and Western Europe.

The company expanded strategically in 2001 and the company's first roasting, packaging and grinding factory was established in the Middle East in the Syrian Arab Republic, in addition to branches selling fresh coffee and cafes under the name of Columbus.
Columbus was one of the first companies to introduce hot drinks (hot chocolate, cappuccino and orchid), espresso, decaffeinated coffee, American coffee and French coffee to the local market.
and export goods to all over the world.

In terms of the company's marketing policy: The company relies in its marketing policy for the Columbus brand on three main axes:
• Marketing and distribution of coffee and its derivatives and hot and cold drinks that are quick to prepare.
• Branches selling fresh coffee.
• Columbus coffee chain.